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Accesorios - Pole mounting set MBFIX - 0313000022

Accesorios - Pole mounting set MBFIX

The MULTI-BOX MBFIX mast mounting system is used for simple, safe and flexible mounting of industrial enclosures on round masts or pipes.

Possible applications are installations on lighting poles, traffic lights or road signs. Connection of devices in traffic and security technology such as cameras, motion detectors, access controls or other surveillance systems. The raised installation on the pole prevents external access and damage due to vandalism.

The mast mounting bracket and all accessories are made of stainless steel. Therefore they are suitable for outdoor installation.

The set consists of one bracket with the required screws and washers. If necessary, it is also possible to use two brackets per enclosure.

The mounting of the bracket is done with stainless steel clamps. These are not included in the standard scope of delivery. The required diameter should be defined by the customer when ordering. Possible clamping ranges of the clamps are diameters 40 to 320 mm.

Pole mounting set MBFIX
Artículo No. 0313000022
Dimensiones y peso
  • Longitud (mm)
  • Anchura (mm)
  • Altura (mm)
  • Peso (g)
Información de materiales
  • Material
    Acero Inoxidable
  • Material de los tornillos
    Acero Inoxidable
  • Resistencia UV
Resistencia a la temperatura y el área de aplicación
  • Adaptable para uso externo
  • Adaptable para uso intrerno

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